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Jumat, 08 April 2011

Chernobyl Terrorist Attack Postmortem (2011)

656661 Chernobyl Terrorist Attack Postmortem (2011)
Size: 854MB in 18F
Publisher: Play-Publishing
Languages : English / Polish
Developer: Layernet
Genre: FPS
When large numbers of heavily armed terrorists have taken over the Prypiat� area, European governments shook in fear. Soon enough the fear grew even stronger after the terrorists have made contact. They want ten billion Euro in 24 hours or they will blow up the entire Chernobyl nuclear power plant, releasing clouds of deadly, radioactive materials high into the atmosphere all over the northern hemisphere.
To pay such amount of money to the extremists is unthinkable. Frontal attack, however, could not be thought about, either � the terrorists would have executed their plan if they saw attacking forces. There were too many of them and too well equipped for a quick military operation to succeed.
One possibility remained � to select the best Spec Ops single unit to sneak in and destroy enemy installation, preventing them from blowing up the Chernobyl and killing as many of them as possible. One man. You
* Areas around the Prypiat�, the city itself and the Chernobyl nuclear plant recreated.
* Vivid, living environments with plant life, animals, birds and atmospheric effects.
* Sophisticated enemy AI, allowing them to fight in groups, using different weapons and explosives, alarming and supporting each other, using terrain and objects in their tactics.
* Explosive special effects.
* Convincing storyline and action objectives. The player is constantly in contact with his HQ, which feeds him with data and changes mission objectives as he goes.
* As the technology is very well tested and the team consists of professionals with long experience, the process of finishing, testing, localising and publishing the game should be most fluent.
* 11 huge levels and 7 deadly weapons
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